About Us

IMG_0395Hello - I'm Neil Meakin.

I've lived in Derbyshire all my life, and started riding bikes from the age of four.  After riding bikes with my mum & dad at the weekends for 10 years, I moved on to motor cycle trials at the age of 16.  This led to several years riding MX & Enduro, and also led me on to giving guided tours throughout the Peak District in my mid 20's.

I soon came back around to cycling believing that a well maintained bike is key to having great rides throughout Derbyshire.

Maintenance is the key to keeping all suspension bikes running smooth, but can sometimes be overlooked which can result in fork, shock or seatpost failures.

Here at Derbyshire MTB Suspension Services, we can repair & maintain your suspension to keep it buttery smooth allowing you to enjoy your days out with your friends and family.

Right - I'm off on my bike!